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My name is Veronica and I'm just trying to do what I love as a digital artist.

Many artists go out into the world looking for jobs and one of two things happens. They get a job and never have any time to do anything but work, or they don't get a job and spend all their time applying for more. Either way, personal projects and ideas tend to get put by the wayside. But when you're getting paid to do it, any artist can generally find the time to do something about it.

I always strive to create unique and interesting art as often as I can, and when encouraged, I tend to spit out countless pieces of art. Everything from creature designs, fanart, and digital pieces, to short animations and 3D models. With your help, I can supplement my income doing the only thing I know how: creating new and exciting art! So a follow and a few reblogs would help me out.


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Get the hose

I’ve been colouring this whenever I can in what little free time I’ve had over the past week to put on my demo reel so that I don’t have nothing but 3D crap on it, so I’m rotoscoping RGB on top of Buster Keaton because I’ve lost all control of my life. Also I have no idea how to sync them up so I don’t care.

RGB and “The Property of Hate” belong to Modmad, animation done by me and here’s hoping I didn’t make complete rubbish and that maybe I can get around to actually adding RGB’s face on the screen sometime later.

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