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My name is Veronica and I'm just trying to do what I love as a digital artist.

Many artists go out into the world looking for jobs and one of two things happens. They get a job and never have any time to do anything but work, or they don't get a job and spend all their time applying for more. Either way, personal projects and ideas tend to get put by the wayside. But when you're getting paid to do it, any artist can generally find the time to do something about it.

I always strive to create unique and interesting art as often as I can, and when encouraged, I tend to spit out countless pieces of art. Everything from creature designs, fanart, and digital pieces, to short animations and 3D models. With your help, I can supplement my income doing the only thing I know how: creating new and exciting art! So a follow and a few reblogs would help me out.


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Seeing as how I still don’t particularly have any followers, based on the fact that a fav or reblog of my art is extremely rare, and seeing as how Doug Jones is a super awesome nice guy and favs everything with him in it, I’ve deduced a brilliant way to make myself feel better at any point in time. Draw more Doug Jones. Get fav’d. Smile that someone in existence actually likes my art. Use that boost in self-esteem to continue trying to actually do this for a living. Repeat constantly. Expect much more throughout the future.

October Daily Draw - Day 1 (1/10/2014)

"Walkabout Wednesday" - it’s vulture season in South Texas, so all I have to do to get a good view at nature is look out my bedroom window. Kind of a cheat, but I’m a bit too busy to actually go walkabout. We have blacks & turkeys in the lot out back today & this turkey vulture was the most immobile. Pose for me baby!

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Happy Inktober everyone! In accordance with such, I’m starting another Daily Draw schedule for this month and I’ve come up with 7 new prompts for each day, all Halloweenie:

  • Massacre Monday - Mondays make everyone mad, why not show that in some bloody work (all explicit material will have suitable #blood or #violence tags, or whatever fits for people to blacklist)
  • Tearjerker Tuesday - Let’s get some emotion into these pictures. Whether my own creation, or based off an existing series, here’s hoping I can tug on those heartstrings
  • Walkabout Wednesday - The mall, a park, or simply wandering my neighbourhood, it’s time to get out of the house and draw what I see
  • Thesaurus Thursday - Is your refrigerator running? Then maybe you should go catch it before it gives me more ideas for some terrifically terrible puns
  • Fearful Friday - Suspense! It’s almost the weekend! What gets your heart racing?
  • Satire Saturday - Time to lighten up with some satire to start the weekend. Share what makes you laugh!
  • Scenic Sunday - Take a deep breath, and dramatically look to the trees as wind billows through your hair. Don’t forget to draw the trees, either

Hoping to spread myself about a bit more, I plan on making each piece a scanned, inked, and coloured product to be purchasable on my Society6 and maybe my Redbubble page, possibly by the end of the month. But the best thing would be for all my followers to help me out by reblogging my pieces this month. I rely on you guys to help me spread the word and make a living! Hope you guys enjoy my draws. And thanks for following!


*insert spooky music here*

Paul: “When are you going to stop making all these Doug Jones sketches?”
Me: “When he stops favouriting them.”
Paul: “I don’t know whether to be concerned or jealous.”

So how long ya in town fer? Wait, where’d ya say ya were stayin’? I ferget.

This lil’ piggy made a successful gene splice

Say 📷👾🚀

Poultry in motion

They’re not the only ones who love boxes. Who else is gonna go see The Boxtrolls? Woo!